The United Nations Global Youth Statement, 2021


The United Nations Global Youth Statement, 2021

The United Nations Global Youth Statement released at COP26, Nov. 2021, in Glasgow is an 82-page document representing the demands of the global community of youth for countries of the world to take specific action to end climate change. In fifteen thematic areas, the statement urges world leaders that attended COP26 to provide the necessary policy frameworks to win our fight against global warming and the consequences of climate change.

The overarching demand that unifies all themes is that youth should be actively and meaningfully included in all decision-making processes concerning climate change governance and implementation.

The authors of theĀ Global Youth Statement call for these policy demands to be integrated into national and international agendas and commitments, they also demand an intersectional approach that youth inclusion in environmental governance acknowledging that the climate crisis affects some communities and social groups disproportionately and recognizing that the climate crisis is a broader socio-political crisis that necessitates systemic and radical action.


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