Solar Energy

The world of Solar Energy has exploded, and this site provides information regarding all aspects of this renewable energy source, from portable products to major installations. Since one of the most obvious and effective solutions to solve earth’s energy needs is harnessing the sun, we wish to promote solar power being employed one way or another as the norm in homes, businesses, and entire communities and countries. We have therefore gathered a really interesting cross-section of links to be found below focusing on technology, innovations, human interest stories, and more to educate and inspire those on this ecological path.

You can also visit the BC Sustainable Solutions page on Solar-powered Transportation to see the exciting innovation taking place in that field. Find links to articles on cars, and vehicles for recreation, water, air travel, and commerce.

The next big thing in energy is supposed to be Scalar Energy so watch for developments in energy and healing using the Scalar Field.

Find a growing list of Solar Energy Providers listed on our own GIS map.