Cleaning Our Earth

Discover various ways to work towards Cleaning our Earth listed in the many links found below. Also, follow the BC Sustainable Solutions website and BC Sustainable Solution Facebook Page along with Managing Earth’s Facebook Page for new developments in the field. Those cleaning up the land, water, and air are also applauded. Lots of resources are provided in an ever-growing list of what to do, on a local and broader scale. There are many companies that work on cleaning water and desalinizing seawater listed on our Desalination page

Different forms of Pollution abound and it is our job to not make matters worse and try and undo the damage done. Fortunately, we have a wealth of resources regarding Cleaning our Earth and how to manage the environment.

Ray Archuelta:

“Healthy soils lead to a healthy plant, a healthy human, and ultimately a healthy climate and planet.”

Recycle BC: What can I recycle

British Columbia Product Care ~ Recycle your leftover paint, household hazardous waste, lights, and smoke/CO alarms. See more information on the above as well as Collection Site Guidelines, and links to follow for dealing with concrete, large amounts of paint, various types of lighting, and more.

British Columbia’s household hazardous waste (HHW) recycling program

Plastics that are not readily recyclable -#3(pvc), #4(ldpe), #5(pp), #6(ps), #7 (other)

Pollution Issues ~Managing-reducing-waste