Seawater Desalination

Seawater Desalination should be one of the biggest industries in our world today, as it allows people to get water in parts of the world that are lacking in freshwater but are relatively near saltwater. It also is a way for us to deal with rising sea levels, which are most likely going to increase with global warming. As flooding looms, keep taking the water out of the ocean, even if it means storing it in man-made reservoirs until ready to desalinate it. Seawater Desalination defined.  Geothermal Desalination defined.

Read more about the necessity to help grow this industry at Managing Earth’s Blog Seawater Desalination for the World. We’ll keep growing our list of resources pertaining to this vital industry in hopes that the world will get properly and more evenly hydrated while helping to reduce rising sea levels. If you know of great projects, technology, or companies that focus on desalination and would like to share the details on this page, email manifest@bcsustainable and I will share the details. The BC Sustainable Solutions Facebook page also shares stories on any developments in the desalination industry. Visit our Pinterest Page on Water Desalination to see great examples of this important technology.

The future of desalination is going to involve magnets according to Kryon, as channeled by Lee Carol in this video link

Masdar Institute: Pulling Salt Out of Seawater with Magnets

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A view across a reverse osmosis desalination plant in Barcelona, Spain by James Grellier

USGS article on Desalination including using reverse osmosis

What is SaltMod?

The Good News Network: A simple way a New Zealand designer created to desalinize water

Let’s use the seawater for good purposes before rising sea levels wreak havoc on shoreline communities.

PV Magazine – Saltwater flow battery for water desalination applicationsInfinity Turbine has developed a new system that uses the electricity stored in a saltwater redox flow battery to produce clean drinking water from seawater. It said the technology can be used by cruise ships and cargo ships.

Elemental Water Makers Seawater Desalination Products