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In creating a more sustainable and green world, every little step makes a difference, and BC Sustainable Solutions shares environment news, resources, and innovations that relate to climate change, pollution solutions, water management, and renewable energy for British Columbia and beyond. We present various ways to consider when you are greening your world and community as far as general services, ideas, products, and technology to make your world a healthy, eco-friendly, and economically viable place to live. This is a not-for-profit site and we do not buy or sell anything.

Find a wealth of links to data, videos, and other resources on our pages dedicated to Renewable Energy including Solar, Water, Wind, Biofuel, Geothermal, and Storage. As the world turns its focus to saving our planet from that which destroys and depletes and builds a better sustainable future, we are in!

In order to facilitate solar energy spreading throughout the land, and allow us to break free of the grid or at least lessen our dependence upon it by embracing the world of solar power, BC Sustainable Solutions is passionately spreading the word about all kinds of related technology, projects, and developments in the field. Whether it is a huge solar farm on land or sea or solar-powered solutions for the individual and home, find links and information on our Solar Energy web page and more in our article entitled, Solar Energy for the World. We are constantly updating our pages on Portable Solar Product Info and Reviews, Pedestalled Solar Panels, and Solar Transportation, including what’s new in the field of solar-powered vehicles for the road, water, air, recreation, and commercial enterprise.

Living Green, adapting to environmental changes, and reducing our ecological footprint is where it’s at! Actions and daily choices made by individuals; small grassroots groups; volunteers, etc. are making a huge difference to their homes, community, and the world. In these times, we cannot wait around for the government and policymakers to fix things and must use our power, ingenuity, and goodwill as citizens to tackle issues as a community. If the government doesn’t step up, we must, especially when it comes to water management. It is one of the biggest issues of our time, therefore this site offers pages on Cleaning Water, Water Purification gathering, and Distributing Water, for the home, community, country, and world. Harnessing seawater for our use is a particular passion of BC Sustainable Solutions, which shares news on the subject on our growing page for Desalinating Seawater, and FB page. Also see our article entitled, Seawater Desalination for the World, which delves into desalination solutions in more depth. Harnessing seawater is not only an obvious solution to drought, purifying unclean water, and supplying reservoirs to combat forest fires, we will also combat rising sea levels at the same time and prevent coastal erosion, which will be so hard on the oceans. Our page, Flood Defense, offers multiple solutions to rising water levels and points out that as the oceans continue to fill with fresh water due to ice melting, rains, and storms will increase in number and intensity due to freshwater evaporating more readily than salt water. This begs the question: Why are we sitting around watching the icebergs melt away when instead of capturing the fresh water and processing it? As British Columbians, why aren’t we on the desalination track more by now, serving areas like the Gulf Islands and inland areas to hydrate during the dry seasons and deal with forest fires by creating lots of reservoirs and systems? So many people are on wells in B.C. Desalination could help keep the groundwater supply from drying up.

On our page, Cleaning Our Air, find information and simple tips, such as which plants to use to produce more oxygen and remove toxins from the air in your home or workplace. Find pollution solutions and issues, and information on recycling on our page Cleaning Our Earth. We often share posts relating to growing your own food, alternative ways to garden and deal with pests, attracting pollinators, capturing water, etc. on the BC Sustainable Solution’s Facebook Page – Turning Green, where we also share innovations, developments around greening our surroundings, managing energy, agriculture, water, challenges brought on by climate change, political aspects relating to British Columbia and the environment, and more.