Wind Energy

Wind Energy in the form of Wind Farms Wind Energy has developed into a strong resource among renewable energy technologies from giant wind farms on land and sea to solutions for individuals and everything in between. Below are some links that pertain to various developments in wind power technology in all shapes and sizes. Find links to posts about new projects from various countries around the world on this page. Governments, scientists, engineers, philanthropists, communities, and individuals are all driving this vitally important renewable energy source. To help and inspire, we want to do all that we can to share news and developments within the industry, so more can embrace the wind energy industry on a small or large scale.

U.S. Dept of Energy Video: Energy 101: Wind Turbines

Aeromine Technologys aerodynamic motionless design captures and amplifies building airflow on rooftops in wind speeds as low as 5 m.p.h., generating more energy in less space than conventional turbines.

Devecitech’s ingenious vertical wind turbine captures wind from nature and passing vehicles. See AutoBlog’s video below.

In The Know: Giant wind turbine floating 2,000 ft in the air powers 12 homes

Floating Device to capture Wind Energy

Good News Network: Lebanese Man Builds Wind Turbine from Recycled Plastic