Wind Energy

Wind Energy is one of the most exciting of all renewable energy technologies because it is so clean and abundant. This site will be bringing news on new and established technologies and movements by governments, philanthropists, communities, and individuals trying to go forward with wind energy.

Avant Garde Innovations has developed a highly affordable Small Wind Turbine suitable for Residential, Commercial, Agricultural, Rural Electrification, and other uses.  It will hopefully available for purchase early in 2017. It can generate 3-5 kW hours of electricity daily.

Wind Turbine Technology

Visit to see Vortex’s work with ‘bladeless’ wind turbines for generating power using less wind than traditional turbines.  They harness the power of the ‘aeroelastic flutter’, creating power from the magnified vibrations.

Wind Power

Wind farms defined.

Wind Turbines on Water


Watch a video from the American Wind Energy Association as they finish erecting a wind turbine.


Wind Energy

Small Wind Turbines Manufacturers

Hi-VAWT wind turbine installation in Taiwan

Large Wind Turbines Manufacturers

Wakamatsu wind farm, Kitakyushu (Japan)