Water Desalination

Water Desalination should be one of the biggest upcoming industries in our world today.  It is a way for people to get water in parts of the world that are lacking in freshwater but are relatively near saltwater.  It also is a way for us to deal with rising sea levels, which are most likely going to increase with global warming. As flooding looms, keep taking the water out of the ocean, even if it means storing it in man-made reservoirs until ready to desalinate it.

Another form of desalinating water is through a Geothermal process.

We will keep an eye on any developments in this industry, especially those that reduce the cost of the process to produce fresh water.

The 2016 Global Water Awards Winners are:

Water Company of the Year
Desalination Company of the Year
Water Technology Company of the Year
Breakthrough Water Technology Company of the Year
Water Project of the Year
Wastewater Project of the Year
Desalination Plant of the Year
Water Reuse Project of the Year
Industrial Water Project of the Year
Water Deal of the Year
Water Leaders Award
Water Technology Idol

International Desalination Assoc.

International Desalination Association (IDA)


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Jebel Ali M Station, Dubai