Storing Energy

This page covers both the latest innovations and the tried and true in the world of Storing Energy. Batteries and Chargers, Cell Phones, advancements in storying solar energy, and more are presented.  It is really great to see that so many of the new technologies for storing energy and creating energy are coming from students.  It is exciting to anticipate what the young minds will develop next in the field of energy.

It is a particular relief and delight at the same that so many ways to generate energy when you are far away from energy sources are being developed.  It heartens the soul that we’ll have solutions to turn to if the grid goes down in our area.  It also is great news for those in areas with no power yet.  Being able to charge a flashlight with simple hand motion or solar energy is priceless.

The breakthroughs in the story of solar energy are of real interest too.  Anything we can do to promote solar energy is of the most importance on so many levels.

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