Solar Energy Providers in British Columbia

“Solar power is going to be absolutely essential to meeting growing energy demands while staving off climate change.”

Ramez Naam

After watching the solar industry grow and evolve for years, it is still hard to find anything wrong with solar energy health-wise. It is also great to note that the prices seem to be lowering as solar energy becomes more and more mainstream. But the most exciting thing about the solar energy industry is the number of new innovations from the new roof tiles that look like slate, to the paper-thin solar cells, you have to admit, Solar Energy is one of the most interesting and vital industries around today. You can have a solar cell on your backpack, bicycle, windows, and more. Watch the fascinating and encouraging developments and new technologies delivering solar energy to homes, workplaces, communities, entire cities, and countries on our Facebook and Pinterest Pages.

“We live in a world bathed in 5,000 times more energy than we consume as a species in the year, in the form of solar energy. It’s just not in usable form yet.”

Peter Diamandis

BC Sustainable Solutions is most passionate about promoting any form of Solar Energy. It is one of the main focuses of the site. With that in mind, we have published a Geographic Information System Map that focuses on Solar Energy Providers in BC. If you are interested in going solar, just click on a pin near your location to display the description of services, address, phone number, website, photo, video (if they have one), and logo of various solar companies in British Columbia. You’ll find manufacturers, installers, and providers of products and accessories to help you go solar.


“Solar will outcompete other technologies.”

Billy Parish

Reduce your costs for electricity with Photovoltaics and Solar Thermal Systems for heating homes

Further reduce costs with Solar Water Heaters 

Increase the value of your home by installing Solar Power Systems.

Be able to live off the grid with solar.

Enjoy relatively low maintenance

We’re counting on the Solar Energy Providers in British Columbia to bring about the change so urgently needed as far as meeting our power needs, from a sustainability viewpoint as well as an economical and practical angle.  If the grid goes down, those with Solar Power will carry on!

BC Sustainable Solutions is happy to provide a list of anyone involved with providing Solar Power to the people of British Columbia and beyond.  Click on the pins below to view the details of manufacturers, installers, and those selling products related to Solar Energy in BC.

Find all these Solar Power Suppliers below pinned to the GIS Map above.

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