Cleaning our Air

Cleaning our Air is important to us all.  Follow developments in areas of Technology, Community Efforts and Policy to make our air better on many levels.

Poor air quality in your home and workspace can have an array of detrimental effects on you.  It might manifest as feeling tired all the time, headaches, lack of focus and other side-effects.  You can react to the many moulds hiding in corners, basements, under sinks, air ducts, window ledges, etc. Or from the toxic residue and fumes from cleaning solutions and other chemicals found in many workplaces. Of course, dust mites are always a challenge and require constant maintenance to keep them at bay.

When it comes to Cleaning our Air, there are so many aspects of Air Pollution to review.  It is overwhelming when you look at Individual Pollution, emissions from homes, workplaces, and Transportation

Outlining a strategy to be more environmentally friendly is not only a big step towards going Green but pays off in other ways. It is very helpful to have a thorough Green Building Audit to examine Energy Costs, Air Quality, Ventilation and Filter Systems, the Storage of Chemicals, Water Management, etc.  So many people are chemical sensitive these days that air free of fragrance and toxic odours is most desirable. Protect the health of those in your home or workplace from the ground up.

Checking the airtightness of a building and sealing up cracks that allow air exchange is worth every minute spent.  Replacing windows helps on energy and often health basis, especially if they are old.

Besides being eco-friendly, the great thing about revamping your energy source to Solar Panels is after the initial outlay is absorbed, you’re saving money for years, and you can store energy in case the grid goes down.

New equipment and technologies are making it so much easier to reduce our carbon footprint in many different areas.  We just have to keep a mindset that seeks to Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality.

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