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Resources for Sustainability in Canada

The goal of BC Sustainable Solutions is to you with ‘Greening Your World’ on an idividual, community and global basis. This environmental site is devoted to sharing resources, and developments relating to climate change, pollution solutions, water management, renewable energy and more. Find inspiration and information regarding services, products, and technology to make your home, work, community and world into something that is healthy, eco-friendly and economically viable. ‘Greening Your World’ is where it’s at on so many levels!

Find a wealth of links, data, and resources for Renewable Energy Topics including Wind, Water, Geothermal, Biofuel and methods of Storing Energy.  We live in exciting times as we continue to witness great innovations to help with the greening of our surroundings. The evolving field of alternative ways to generate and store energy is keenly observed and shared on this site and BC Sustainable Solution’s Facebook PageFor those who want to live in a more green way, we offer advice and where to go to achieve your goals. British Columbia Renewable energy abounds, so find out how you can operate your world sustainably and responsibly.

Water Management seems like the issue of our times and you can be sure that we will keep an eye on developments regarding all aspects of water for the home, community, country, and world.  Whether we are cleaning it, gathering it, distributing it, defending ourselves against too much or too little, using it for energy, agriculture, and life in general, between this site and our social media, we will share as much pertinent information as we can about water. You’ll find directories, blogs, and technologies that examine Flood DefenseCleaning the Waters of the World, Distributing Water around the World, Ways to Purify Water, and Desalinating Water

Greening Your World with Solar Panels
Water Management
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Great strides are also being made in Pollution Control on a variety of levels. Air Pollution is an issue both indoors and outdoors. This site reviews what you can do on a personal level in your home, as well as at your workplace and in your community to go forward with Cleaning our Air as well as Cleaning our EarthGreen Building is a good place to start.

Anything to do with earth-friendly interests is covered in our catch-all Resource Directories, so have a look and see what organization, group, or service provider suits your purposes right now.

BC Sustainable Solutions wants to see cities covered in solar panels and is doing whatever it can to spread the word about this technology and where to access it.  To that end, you’ll find lots of links and information regarding Solar Energy on this site, including this Geographic Information System Map pinning Solar Energy Providers in British Columbia to make it easy to find Solar Power manufacturers, installers, resellers and innovators serving BC: